Instrumentation Staff Directory

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Division Head:

Dr. Graham C. Smith

Name Room Extn e-mail
Ackley, Kim A. B-113 7542
Angona, Ronald J. B-116 3198
Chen, Wei B-123 4213
D'Andragora, Alessio B-109 7762
De Geronimo, Gianluigi B-125 5336
Di Nardo, Robert P. B-138 4204
Elliott, Donald C. B-134 6072
Fried, Jack B-115 4441
Gaer, Barbara D. A-131 4231
Giacomini, Gabriele B-129 4825
Grabowski, Donna M. M-21 2720
Haupt, Justine 2114
Kandasamy, Anand B-103 5486
Kierstead, James A. A-1 3170
King, Wiliam R. B-147 4201
Kotov, Ivan A-126 2615
Li, Shaorui B-109 7228
MacNish, Merri A-131 7168
Mc Gowan, John A. M-24 5025
Mead, Joseph A. B-117 4254
Nambiar, Neena A-124 7240
O'Connor, Paul A-140 7577
Pinelli, Donald A. B-101 2010
Qian, Shinan C-008 2390
Radeka, Veljko B-105 4266
Rao, Triveni B-141 5072
Rescia, Sergio B-119 4232
Schaknowski, Neil A. B-133 4261
Smedley, John M. C-26 7865
Smith, William B-108B 3969
Smith, Graham C. A-133 4253
Takacs, Peter Z. B-145 2824
Tsang, Thomas Y. F. B-143 2225
Vernon, Emerson O. A-124 2416
Wahl, Bill B-125 8160
Walsh, John B-134 5930
Warren, John B. B-136 4203
Wolniewicz, Kevin J. B-113 6069
Yu, Bo B-137 5184

Prefix for all extensions: (631)-344-

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