Instrumentation Division overview


    Project Collaborators
  Semiconductor Detectors
  Semiconductor Position Sensitive Detectors Milan Poly; CERN
  Multi-element and Silicon Drift Detectors Wayne State; NSLS
  Radiation Damage CERN; Univ. Hamburg; Univ. Florence
  Gas and Noble Liquid Detectors
  X-ray Detector 1D & 2D, <100µm FWHM resolution Biology; NSLS; Physics
  High Resolution (<400µm FWHM) Neutron Detectors Chemistry; Biology; LANL; NIST; SNS
  Interpolating Pad Chambers for High Particle Multiplicities Physics; CERN
  Fast Noble Liquid Calorimetry; High Resolution EM Calorimeter with Liquid Krypton or Argon Physics + 9 inst.; CERN; Columbia Univ. (Nevis Labs.)
  Hybrid and Monolithic Low Noise Amplifiers Penn; Milan Poly; Pavia; Symbol Technologies
  Front End Electronics for Various Detectors LAL Orsay; Pavia; Penn; eV Products
  Fast Noble Liquid Calorimetry Electronics Operated at Low Temperatures Physics; LAL Orsay; CERN
  Data Acquisition Systems for Particle and Position Sensitive Detectors Biology; Chemistry; Physics; NSLS; SNS
  Optics And Laser Technology
  Optics Metrology and Properties of Optical Surfaces NSLS; APS; LBL; Ocean Optics, Inc.
  Lasers, Photocathodes, Fast Switching Physics; ATF; SLAC; CERN; Brookhaven Technology Group; TJNAF; Advanced Energy Systems
  Electro-optics and Ultrashort-Laser-Pulse Measurement Techniques AGS; Physics; CPPM; Sandia; Montana State Univ.; Univ. of Pittsburgh
  Micro/nano Fabrication
  Micro/nano Structure Fabrication New Jersey Institute of Technology; SUNY

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