Instrumentation Division overview

Technical Support Staff

    Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout
  Supervisor A. Kandasamy
  Technical Staff K.A. Ackley
A. Lum
K.J. Wolniewicz
  Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
  Supervisor J. A. Mead
  Technical Staff R.H. Angona
H. Hansen
  Electronics Technical Support
  Supervisor N. A. Schaknowski
  Technical Staff D.A. Pinelli
J. Triolo
  Radio Communications and BNL Spectrum Management
  Supervisor A. Kandasamy
  Lead Technician W. Smith*
  Laser and Electro-Optics Technical Support
  Supervisor T. Rao
  Technical Staff J. Walsh
W. Smith*
  Semiconductor Detector Fabrication
  Lead Technician R.H. Beuttenmuller
  Technical Staff D.C. Elliot
  Gas Detector Technical Support
  Supervisor B. Yu
    Technical Staff  
    Special Projects
    Supervisor P. O'Connor
    Technical Staff J. Haupt
    Machine Shop
    Supervisor R.H. Beuttenmuller
    Technical Staff W.R. King
    Administrative Support
    Supervisor D. Grabowski
    Staff M.E. Brathwaite
B. Gaer
J. McGowan

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