Detectors for High Energy and Nuclear Physics Experiments

Three key examples of the groups activities in high energy and nuclear physics are:

Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC)

Originally developed in the groups synchrotron detector R&D, CSCs have been implemented as key elements in the ATLAS and CMS experiment of CERNs LHC.

Pad Chambers

Multi-element pad detectors were first developed for fixed target heavy-ion experiments at the AGS. The concept was used in the design of subsystems for RHIC experiments.

TPC and Micro-pattern detectors

New instruments using recent advances in technology and gas physics are being studied for proposed upgrades of RHIC experiments. The encouraging results from research and development that have been performed with GEM (Gas Electon Multiplier) has led to its choice as the electron multiplication stage in a micro-TPC under development for two separate projects, one with RHIC and one with Physics/NSLS. These two instruments will also benefit from electron transport studies that have been performed with different gas mixtures.

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