Gaseous Detector Laboratory

High Performance Thermal Neutron Imagers

The Instrumentation Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory carries out an R&D program focused on high precision position sensitive thermal neutron detectors, primarily in support of nation's neutron user facilities, particularly for beam lines dedicated to structural biology studies. Recent activity has been increasingly focused on applications at spallation sources.

All detectors are 3He filled multiwire proportional chambers with interpolating cathode readout. They provide excellent position resolution, efficiency, counting rate, timing resolution and low sensitivity to gamma radiation, and are especially distinguished with respect to stability of recorded neutron position, dynamic range and lack of blooming effects.

A variety of detector configurations have been implemented with sensitive areas ranging from 5cmx5cm to 50cmx50cm, including detector arrays comprised of three 20cmx20cm detectors.

Existing detectors have proved to be reliable and invaluable working tools for researchers at BNL for over ten years. Measurements of position resolution performed with these detectors are unsurpassed by any detector group in the world.

A 120° curved detector with an arc length of 1.5m has been delivered to a protein crystallography station at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE). The high counting rate and time resolving capabilities of this detector will permit full utilization of the super Laue technique at the Los Alamos Pulsed Spallation Neutron Source.

Here is a brochure (pdf) describing the neutron detector development program at Instrumentation Division.

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