X-Ray Detector Laboratory

Instrumentation Division is specialized in building position sensitive gas proportional chambers for x-ray imaging applications. Key characteristics of detector operation, such as position resolution, position linearity, uniform illumination response and count rate capability can be investigated, providing a unique, world-class, resource for gas detector development. For example, we have developed techniques that have yielded the best position resolution ever measured for X-rays in a gas based detector.

Emphasis is on detectors with high position resolution, high counting rate capability, and excellent efficiency. Of particular importance is the ability to perform dynamic studies. Our group has supplied to the NSLS detector systems that have shed important light on activities as diverse as muscle movement and polymer behavior on time scales ranging down to a millisecond. Our close interaction with users provides a timely understanding of their experimental requirements and enables us to produce state-of-the-art systems that are unavailable commercially. Frequently, new gas detector concepts such as those with micropattern electrodes, are driven by high energy physics requirements, and we are well positioned to reapply those techniques in the synchrotron environment.

The provision of detector systems for user facilities such as the NSLS is carried out with support from the Divisions Microelectronics Lab, Printed Circuit Design and Fabrication Labs and Machine Shop.

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