Microelectronics Group Presentations and Talks

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  1. G. De Geronimo
    Front-end ASIC for a GEM based Time Projection Chamber  [1.7MB]
    IEEE NSS/MIC, Portland, OR 2003
  2. G. De Geronimo
    High-rate, high-resolution detector for EXAFS experiments  [2.78MB]
    IEEE NSS/MIC, Norfolk, VA 2002
  3. G. De Geronimo
    Silicon sensor with readout ASIC for EXAFS spectroscopy  [2.38MB]
    PIXEL 2002 International Workshop, Carmel, CA 2002
  4. G. De Geronimo
    Advanced readout ASICs for multi-element CdZnTe sensors  [1.48MB]
    SPIE Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA 2002
  5. G. De Geronimo
    The new detector for EXAFS at NSLS  [2.47MB]
    NSLS Annual User's Meeting, Upton, NY 2002
  6. P. O'Connor
    Efficient Amplitude and Time Measurement ASIC with Analog Derandomization,  [118KB]
    Presented at Symposium on Radiation Measurement and Applications, Ann Arbor, MI, 21-23 May 2002
  7. P. O'Connor
    Microelectronics for Future RHIC Detectors,  [2.47MB]
    RHIC upgrade workshop, BNL 13-14 Nov. 2001
  8. P. O'Connor
    Impact of Technology Scaling on Low Noise Front End Circuit,  [2.36MB]
    Nuclear and Plasma Society Short Course, Snowmass 2001
  9. P. O'Connor
    Monolithic Electronics for Multi-Channel Detectors,  [2.24MB]
    Presented at International Workshop on Position-Sensitive Neutron
    Detectors, Berlin Germany June 28 - 30, 2001
  10. P. O'Connor
    Microelectronics Developments, 1991-2001,  [1.58MB]
    Presented at PHENIX upgrade workshop, March 2001
  11. J. Dailing et al.,
    Performance and Radiation Tolerance of the ATLAS CSC On-Chamber Electronics,  [1.04MB]
    Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Electronics for LHC
    Experiments, Krakow, Poland Sept 11-15 2000
  12. P. O'Connor,
    CMOS preamplifiers for multi-channel detectors,  [920KB]
    IVth International Meeting on Front End Electronics for High
    Resolution Tracking Detectors (FEE 2000), May 16 - 19 2000
  13. P.O'Connor and G. De Geronimo
    Prospects for Charge Sensitive Amplifiers in Scaled CMOS  [473KB]
    IEEE NSS/MIC, Seattle, WA 1999
  14. G.De Geronimo, P.O'Connor and J. Grosholz
    A Generation of CMOS Readout ASICs for CZT Detectors  [594KB]
    IEEE NSS/MIC, Seattle, WA 1999
  15. G.De Geronimo and P.O'Connor
    A CMOS Fully Compensated Continous Reset System  [213KB]
    IEEE NSS/MIC, Seattle, WA 1999
  16. G.De Geronimo, P.O'Connor and J. Grosholz
    A CMOS Baseline Holder (BLH) for Readout ASICs  [1,778KB]
    IEEE NSS/MIC, Seattle, WA 1999
  17. P. O'Connor , V. Gratchev, A. Kandasamy, V. Polychronakos, V. Tcherniatine, J. Parsons, W. Sippach,
    Readout Electronics for a High Rate CSC Detector, [827KB]
    5th Workshop on Electronics for LHC Experiments, Snowmass
    Colorado, Sept. 20 - 24 1999
  18. P. O'Connor,
    Monolithic Preamplifiers for Low-Capacitance Detectors,  [128KB]
    Workshop on Front End Electronics for Tracking Detectors, Taos NM, Nov. 1997
  19. P.O'Connor,
    Long Island Forum for Technology Breakfast, Jan.16,1997
  20. G. Gramegna, P. O'Connor, P. Rehak, S. Hart,
    Low Noise CMOS Preamplifier-Shaper for Silicon Drift Detectors, [605KB]
    Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Electronics for LHC Experiments,
    Balatonfured, Hungary, Sept 23 - 27, 1996
  21. P.O'Connor,
    PHENIX TEC Front End Electronics, [176KB]
    Electronics Review for PHENIX TEC, BNL Nov. 21, 1996
  22. P.O'Connor,
    CMOS Preamplifier-Shaper for STAR SVT, [161KB]
    Electronics Review for STAR SVT, BNL Nov. 12, 1996
  23. P.O'Connor and A. Kandasamy ,
    CMOS Preamplifier-Shaper for PHENIX TEC,
    PHENIX Internal Review, BNL, Nov 1996
  24. P.O'Connor,
    ATLAS CSC Electronics,  [935KB]
    Review ATLAS Muon Electronics, CERN, Oct. 20, 1996
  25. P.O'Connor,
    Instrumentation Custom-Tailors Detector Circuits for Experiments, [188KB]
    Artice in Brookhaven Bulletin, Sept. 13, 1996
  26. P.O'Connor,
    CMOS CIRCUITS developed in Instrumentation Division, 1995-1996, [296KB]
    AUI Visiting Committee presentation, BNL, April 1996
  27. P.O'Connor,
    Front-End Electronics Development at BNL, [297KB]
    International Workshop on Analog Front-End VLSI Electronics for Radiation Imaging Detectors, Sep. 1995, Marathon, Greece
  28. P.O'Connor,
    MOSFET Technology and Charge-Sensitive Preamplifiers, [245KB]
    International Conference on Future Accelerators, Summer 1995
  29. P.O'Connor,
    Precision Capacitance Measurement Circuit, [13KB]
    Instrumentation Division review at LAL, Orsay, France Feb. 1995

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