Microelectronics Projects

Device and Circuit Research

To develop specialized microelectronic devices for scientific applications requires state-of-the-art expertise in several key technology areas. The Microelectronics group studies silicon detectors, CMOS device scaling and noise properties, analog low-noise circuit design, VLSI custom design and layout, and high-density interconnect.

High Energy and Nuclear Physics

The Microelectronics group has been responsible for the design and construction of over 400,000 channels of front-end readout electronics for large experiments at the RHIC and LHC colliders, and participates in several upcoming experiments at BNL and other national laboratories. Most of these readout systems required the development of custom monolithic circuits with unprecedented noise, power, and speed performance, and the ability to operate for years in a harsh radiation environment.

Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science

Working with scientists at the National Synchrotron Light Source and the Solid State Detector Development group, the Microelectronics group has developed several advanced X-ray sensors and low-noise readout electronics. These devices are targeted at applications in X-ray fluorescence, microscopy, and macromolecular crystallography.

Life Sciences

Custom chips have been developed for specialized PET instruments, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, and detectors for measuring the effects of space radiation on living cells.

Energy, Environment and National Security

The Microelectronics group has designed the readout and control electronics for an atmospheric aerosol spectrometer, and is working on a specialized ASIC for a high-sensitivity nuclear materials sensor.

Industry Collabration

Through industry collaborations, members of the Microelectronics group lend their expertise to pre-competitive research leading to devices with commercial potential. Examples include ASICs for low-noise readout of room-temperature CZT radiation detectors, CMOS imagers, and compact wireless transceivers.

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