Instrumentation Publications - 1992

  1. Peter Z. Takacs and Eugene L. Church; Figure & Finish Characterization of High Performance Metal Mirrors; BNL 45882; pres. ASPE Spring Topcl. Mtg., Metal Platings for Precision Finishing Operations, Tucson, AZ, 15-18 April (1991); Proc. ASPE 3, pp. 110-117, C. Evans/J. S. Taylor, eds., (1992), American Soc. for Precision Engineering.

  2. Peter Z. Takacs, Karen Furenlid, and Eugene L. Church; Advances in Precision Mirror Figure Metrology; BNL 45957 (abs.); pres. 4th Int'l. Conf. Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation, Chester, U.K., 15-19 July (1991); full paper: Rev. Sci. Instrum. 63 1, 1409 (1992).

  3. Wei Chen, Zheng Li, and Hobart W. Kraner; Application of the Rapid Thermal Process: Sintering the Sputtered Aluminum/Silicon Contact in Silicon Detector Fabrication; (abstract/summary) BNL 46100; pres. 1991 Nuclear Science Symp., 5-9 November (1991), Santa Fe, NM; IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. NS-39, Vol. 4, 558 (1992).

  4. Zheng Li and H. W. Kraner; Fast Neutron Radiation Effects in Silicon Detectors Fabricated by Different Thermal Oxidation Processes; (Studies of the Dependence of Changes in Silicon Detector Electrical Properties Caused by Fast Neutron Radiation on the Oxidation Thermal Process - old title); BNL 46086; pres. 1991 Nuclear Science Symp., 5-9 November (1991), Santa Fe, NM; IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. NS-39, Vol. 4 (1992).

  5. Zheng Li and H. W. Kraner; Fast Neutron Radiation Damage Effects on High Resistivity Silicon Junction Detectors (Rev. 1/92) (Changes in Electrical Properties of High Resistivity Silicon Caused by Fast Neutron Damage - old title); BNL 46198; Third Workshop on Radiation-Induced and/or Process-Related Electrically Active Defects in Semiconductor-Insulator Systems; Research Triangle Park, NC, 10-13 September (1991), pp. 59-72; also in J. Electronic Materials, Vol. 21, No. 7, (1992) 701.

  6. T. Tsang, T. Srinivasan-Rao, and J. Fischer; Photoemission Using Femtosecond Laser Pulses; BNL 46165; Pres.Thirteenth Int'l. Free-Electron Laser Conf., Santa Fe, NM, 25-30 August (1991); Nucl. Instrum. & Meth. A318, 270 (1992).

  7. W. Chen, H. Kraner, Z. Li, P. Rehak, E. Gatti, A. Longoni, M. Sampietro, P. Holl, J. Kemmer, U. Faschingbauer, A. Wörmer, and P. Wurm; Large Area Cylindrical Silicon Drift Detector; BNL 45022 ; pres. 1991 Nuclear Science Symp., Santa Fe, NM, 5-9 November (1991); IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. NS-39, 619 (1992).

  8. Steven C. Irick, Wayne R. McKinney, David L.T. Lunt, and Peter Z. Takacs; Using a Straightness Reference in Obtaining More Accurate Surface Profiles from a Long Trace Profiler; BNL 46260; pres. Fourth Int'l. Conf. on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation, Chester, England, 15-19 July (1991); Rev. Sci. Instrum. 63 (1), 1436-1438 (1992).
  9. I. S. Lehrman, I. A. Birnbaum, S. Z. Foxler, R. L. Heuer, S. Siddiqi, I. Ben-Zvi, K. Batchelor, J. C. Gallardo, H. G. Kirk, T. Srinivasan-Rao, and G. D. Warren; Design of a High Brightness High Duty Factor Photo-Cathode Electron Gun; BNL 46332 (abs.); BNL 48633 (full paper); Thirteenth Int'l. Free-Electron Laser Conf., Santa Fe, NM, 25-30 August (1991); Nucl. Instrum. & Meth. A318, 247 (1992).

  10. E. Mathieson and G. C. Smith; Gain Reduction Due to Space Charge in a Multiwire Proportional Chamber Irradiated by a Uniform Beam of Rectangular Section; BNL 46620; Nucl. Instrum. & Meth. A-316 (1992) 246-251.

  11. T. Srinivasan-Rao, T. Tsang, and J. Fischer; Generation of High Current Density, Subpicosecond Electron Bunches from Ag Film and Cu Mirror Using Amplified CPM Laser Pulse; BNL 47039; QELS'92 Conf. on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Anaheim, CA, 10-15 May (1992); 1992 Technical Digest Series, Vol. 13, p. 282, paper no. QFB5.

  12. T. Tsang, V. Radeka, C. H. Bulmer, and W. K. Burns; Radiation Studies of Optical Interferometric Modulators with Fast Neutrons and High Energy Gamma-rays; BNL 46974; Conf. on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Anaheim, CA, 10-15 May (1992); (not published).

  13. Bo Yu; Gas Proportional Detectors with Interpolating Cathode Pad Readout for High Track Multiplicities; BNL 47055; Univ. Pittsburgh, Ph.D. thesis (1992 ); not published., Full Paper available online.

  14. X. J. Wang, T. Tsang, H. Kirk, T. Srinivasan-Rao, J. Fischer, K. Batchelor, R. C. Fernow, and P. Russell; Intense Electron Emission Due to Picosecond Laser-Produced Plasmas in High Gradient Electric Fields; BNL 45031; J. Appl. Phys. 72, 888 (1992).

  15. Sergio Rescia; Session Summary: Electronics, Triggering and Data Acquisition; BNL 47030; 2nd Int'l. Conf. on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics, Capri, Italy, 22-28 October (1991); Proc. Second Int'l. Conf. on "Calorimetry in High Energy Physics," (1992) 420-428.

  16. Peter Z. Takacs and Eugene L. Church; Integrating Figure and Finish Measurements with Surface Profiling Instruments; BNL 47220; pres. Surface Roughness and Scattering First Topical Mtg., Tucson, AZ, 1-3 June (1992); 1992 Technical Digest Series 14, pp. 56-57 (1992), Optical Soc. America.

  17. G. C. Smith, B. Yu, J. Fischer, V. Radeka, and J. Harder; High Rate, High Resolution, Two-Dimensional Gas Proportional Detectors For X-ray Synchrotron Radiation Experiments; BNL 47329; pres. Sixth Wire Chamber Conf., Vienna, Austria, 17-21 February (1992); Nucl. Instrum. & Meth. A-323 (1992) 78-85.

  18. B. Yu, V. Radeka, G. C. Smith, and E. O'Brien; Interpolating Cathode Pad Readout In Gas Proportional Detectors For High Multiplicity Particle Tracks; BNL 47330; pres. Sixth Wire Chamber Conf., Vienna, Austria, 17-21 February (1992); Nucl. Instrum. & Meth. A-323 (1992) 413-418.

  19. Z. Li, H. W. Kraner, E. Verbitskaya, V. Eremin, A. Ivanov, M. Rattaggi, P. G. Rancoita, F. A. Rubinelli, S. J. Fonash, C. Dale, and P. Marshall; Investigation of the Oxygen-Vacancy (A-Center) Defect Complex Profile in Neutron Irradiated High Resistivity Silicon Junction Particle Detectors; BNL 47550; IEEE Nuclear Radiation Effects Conf., New Orleans, LA, 13-17 July (1992); IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. NS-39 1730 (1992).

  20. B. J. Panessa-Warren, J. B. Warren, and G. T. Tortora; Calcium Uptake and Changes in Membrane Morphology of Cl. Sporogenes Bacterial Spores; BNL 47579; Proc. of EMSA - 50th Annual Mtg., San Francisco Press, pp. 876-877, (1992); San Francisco, CA.

  21. R. Altkorn, J. Chang, R. Haidle, P. Z. Takacs, and M. P. Ulmer; Electroform Replication of Smooth Mirrors from Sapphire Masters; BNL 47548; Applied Optics 31 (25), pp. 5153-5154 (1992).

  22. M. Citterio, V. Radeka, and S. Rescia; Radiation Resistant Cryogenic Front-End Electronics for Liquid Argon Calorimetry; BNL 47569; pres. at 2nd Annual Conf. on Electronics for Future Colliders, Chestnut Ridge, NY, 19-21 May (1992); (not published).

  23. T. Tsang and V. Radeka; Progress in the Optoelectronic Analog Signal Transfer for High Energy Particle Detectors; BNL 47904; pres. 2nd Annual Conf. on Electronics for Future Colliders, Chestnut Ridge, NY, 19-21 May (1992); Proc. of Int'l. Conf. on Electronics for Future Colliders, pp. 185-189, May (1992).

  24. T. Srinivasan-Rao, J. Fischer, and T. Tsang; Photoemission From Ag, Cu, and CsI; BNL 48004; Workshop on Advanced Accelerator Concepts; Pt. Jefferson, NY, 15-19 June (1992); AIP Conf. Proceedings 279, J. Wurtele, Ed., p. 620.

  25. A. F. Slomba, C. G. Hull-Allen, P. Z. Takacs, C. J. Evans, and J. M. Bennett; Flatness Intercomparison Measurements Made on an Optical Flat; BNL 48142; pres. OSA Optical Fabrication & Testing Workshop, Boston, MA, 17-19 November (1992); 1992 Technical Digest Series 24, pp. 68-70 (1992).

  26. V. Stojanoff, K. Hämäläinen, D. P. Siddons, J. B. Hastings, L. E. Berman, S. Cramer, and G. Smith; A High-Resolution X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Near-Edge Absorption Studies; BNL 46810; Rev. Sci. Instrum. 63 (1) (1992) 1125-1127.

  27. A. Krol, Z. H. Ming, Y. H. Kao, N. Nücker, G. Roth, J. Fink, G. C. Smith, Key Taeck Park, Jaejun Yu, A. J. Freeman, A. Erband, G. Müller-Vogt, J. Karpinski, E. Kaldis, and K. Schönmann; Hole States in CuO2 Planes and Cu-O Chains of YBa2Cu3O7 and YBa2CuO4O8 Probed by Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy; BNL 48310; Phys. Rev. B45 No. 5 (1992) 2581-2584.

  28. A. Krol, C. S. Lin, Y. L. Soo, Z. H. Ming, Y. H. Kao, Jui H. Wang, Min Qi, and G. C. Smith; Soft X-ray Absorption Studies of the TI2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10-D High-Tc Superconductors; BNL 48275; Phys. Rev. B45 No. 17 (1992) 10051-10056.

  29. A. Krol, Y. L. Soo, Z. H. Ming, S. Huang, Y. H. Kao, G. C. Smith, K. Lee, A.C.W.P. James, and D. W. Murphy; Local Structure Around F in the Fluorine-Doped Nd2CuO4 Superconductor; BNL 48365; Phys. Rev. B46 No. 1 (1992) 443-447.

  30. A. Krol, Y. L. Soo, S. Huang, Z. H. Ming, L. W. Song, Y. H. Kao, and G.C. Smith; Local Environment About O Atoms in Pr-Y-Ba-Cu-O Films Studied by O K-Edge XAFS; BNL 48361; pres. Sixth Annual Conf. on Superconductivity and Applications, Buffalo, NY, 15-17 September 1992; AIP Conf. Proc. 273, H.S. Kwok, D.T. Shaw, & M. Joseph, eds.; (American Institute of Physics, NY, NY) 414-421 (1993).

  31. D. M. Lazarus, G. C. Smith, R. Cameron, A. C. Melissinos, G. Russo, Y. K. Semertzidis, and F. A. Nezrick; Search for Solar Axions; BNL 47588; Phys. Rev. Lett. 69 No. 16 (1992) 2333-2336.

  32. B. Yu, G. C. Smith, and V. Radeka; Developments in Interpolating Cathode Structures for High Precision, Gas Proportional Detectors; BNL 48366; pres. 1992 IEEE Nucl. Sci. Symp., Orlando, FL, 25-31 October (1992); (not published).

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  34. E. L. Church and P. Z. Takacs; Specification of Surface Finish in Terms of System Performance; pres. at Surface Roughness and Scattering Topical Mtg., OSA, 1-3 June (1992), Tucson, AZ; 1992 Technical Digest Series, Vol. 14, pp. 2-4 (1992).

  35. E. L. Church and P. Z. Takacs; The Optimal Estimation of Finish Parameters; BNL 47567; Proc. SPIE 1530, pp. 71-85 (1992).

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  37. E. L. Church and P. Z. Takacs; Surface Roughness and X-ray Scattering; pres. at Physics of X-ray Multilayer Structures, sponsored by OSA, 2-5 March (1992), Jackson Hole, WY; OSA 1992 Technical Digest, Vol. 7, pp. 98-101 (1992).

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