R&D Facilities

Semiconductor Detector Laboratory

  • Clean rooms
  • Oxidation
  • Mask alignment
  • Wire bonding
  • Detector characterization, testing and defect analysis

Gas and Noble Liquid Detector Laboratory

  • Clean rooms
  • Fabication and x-ray particle test facilities

Hybrid Circuit Laboratory

  • Low noise electronics prototype development

Monolithic Circuits Laboratory

  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Testing and Characterization

Computer-aided Circuit Layout

  • Design of detector electrodes and multilayer printed circuit boards.

Multilayer Printed Circuits

  • Fabrication of detector electrodes and multilayer circuit boards using FR4/Polymide/Teflon/Glass and tetrafunctional materials
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards

Optical Metrology Laboratory

  • Digital optical surface profiler, Long Trace profiler

Laser Laboratory

  • Photoemission and fast switching studies
  • Ultra fast laser applications

Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory

  • Fabrication of micro/nano structures
  • Analytical electron microscopy

Solid State Irradiation Facility

  • 60Co source.
  • Radiation effects in insulators, semiconductor materials and devices

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